It used to be that manufacturers dictated to the dealers what they would carry in their stores. No more! Audio Video Therapy cherry picks not just the brands that represent the best value in price to performance, but the individual models we allow in the store.

Amplifiers/Preamps/Surround Processors:

Anthem, Bellari, Bryston, Emotiva, Linn, Luxman, Marantz, Marantz Reference, NAD, NAD Master Series, Parasound Classic, Parasound Halo, Plinius, Prima Luna, Rotel, Yamaha


Audioquest, Audience, Nordost, Tributaries

Digital to Analog Converters:

Audioquest, AudioEngine, Bryston, Binary, Chord, Emotiva, Luxman, Marantz, Marantz Reference, NAD, Parasound, Rotel, Sony

Music Streamers/Disc Players:

Bluesound, Bryston, Emotiva, Linn, Luxman, Marantz, Marantz Reference, NAD, NAD Master Series, Parasound, Parasound Halo, Rotel, Sonos, Sony, Yamaha


Bass, Salamander, Sanus, Target


Audioquest, AUDEZE, B&W, Bang & Olufsen, Grado, KEF, NAD, Paradigm, PSB, Thinksound

Power Conditioners/AC Treatment:

Audioquest, Furman, Nordost


Anthem, Emotiva, Marantz, NAD, Rotel, Sony, Yamaha

Remote Control/Home Control:

Universal Remote Corp. Complete Control, Control 4

Room Acoustic Treatment:

ASC, Acoustimac, Auralex


B&W, Bluesound, Klipsch, Martin Logan, Paradigm, PSB, Sonos, Yamaha

Speakers and Subwoofers:

Aerial Acoustics, Audio Engine, B&W, Emotiva, KEF, Klipsch Heritage, Klipsch, Linn, Martin Logan, Paradigm, Paradigm Persona, PSB, Soundcast, Spendor, SVS, Terra, Totem Acoustics, Totem Element


Electro-Harmonix, Electro-Harmonix Gold, Genalex, Genalex Gold Lion, Mullard, Sovtek, Svetlana, Tung-Sol


Clearaudio, Dynavector, Elipson, Grado, Linn, Luxman, Music Hall, Ortofon, Pro-Ject, Sumiko, U-Turn, VPI


Da-Lite, Dragonfly, Draper, Epson, LG, Screen Innovations, Sony, Samsung

Wireless Multi-room Audio:

Bluesound, DTS PlayFi, Sonos, Yamaha MusicCast