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Everyone loves a good movie. There’s a reason we all know games like “desert island movies”, because everyone has their favorites.

Stop by Audio Video Therapy and learn how all your movies can be more intense and involving when the picture and sound are right. Find out how to get the most out of your system and your budget!


Every movie you’ve seen in a theater was projected, so it should be no surprise that watching a movie on a 70” TV is still “watching TV”, but a projected movie on a 150” screen is watching a movie! With 4K Ultra High Definition movies and 4K projectors, you can get a better picture than the theater in the comfort of your home.

Movie Screens

The quality of your picture is directly dependent to the screen you use with your projector. It's easy to overlook, but picking the right screen for your room is as important as the projector. With a wide assortment of screens, AVT is here to help.


4K UHD TV’s have taken the market by storm, and now with 4K Blu-Ray and streaming services like Netflix sending 4K for much of their content, HDTV is in the rear-view mirror! UHDTV’s rule the day and AVT can help you find the one that’s right for your room and you.

Movie Players

Blu-Ray players are now 4K UHD Blu-Ray players. The picture and sound quality on those discs are the same as the movie theater, and with a good system you get a “better than theater” experience at home!


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