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Remote Controls

Remote Controls

A hard to control system with lots of remotes can render the best equipment useless for day to day use. If everyone in the family can’t work it easily they can’t enjoy it! This is why the MVP of many systems ends up being a well-programmed remote.

At Audio Video Therapy we can make your system do what you want with the push of one button!

Universal Remote

The pioneer in remote control since 1991, the name says it all. With more than 100 million customers worldwide now, Universal Remote has become the most trusted control solution. With their easy to use remotes, you can control your audio and video equipment with one of their "stick" remotes, or choose to use your tablet or phone! URC has the solution - but you control the experience.

Control 4

Do you want to control not just your audio and video equipment, but also your lighting, thermostat, security cameras, etc.? Control 4 can control almost anything you can imagine…with just the push of one button, or maybe a spoken command!


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