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Optimizing Your Room for Movies

No matter what room you're watching a movie in, how comfortable you are in the room equals how much time you spend in it. You also can get great gear but have the room’s acoustics sonically sabotage your investment.

Audio Video Therapy has what you need to fix all that, be it a comfy chair or some acoustic treatments for your walls!

Room Treatments

Something that can heavily influence how your system sounds, but you often have no control over, is the room it is in.

Acoustic room treatments are panels and wall coverings that change how sound travels in your room. If you’ve ever been at a live show and noticed panels near the ceiling, then you’ve seen room treatments used to tame the sound. Let us help tune your room for the best sound!

Furniture and Seating

You’ve got to have some place to put all this stuff - and something to sit and enjoy it in!

AVT has beautiful cabinets that that will complement your room and hide that home theater equipment. On the other hand, maybe you’re the type that would like a rack that shows off that gorgeous Hi-Fi you just bought - we’ve got that too!

For seating, we also have plenty of options, including simple theater chairs as well as custom leather seating. You choose!


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